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Easily Customiziable

Create a page in seconds with our easy drag and drop interface. Customize it with images and colors of your choice.

Timed Content

Setup your content to show on a certain date and time.

Complete Data

Our anaylytics shows you everything from what was clicked, and where the user came from.


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Analytics-Powered Bio Pages.

Our in depth analytics tools help you track and analyze data on your bio pages, allowing you to find out where viewers are viewing from. You can unlock even more data by subscribing to the business plan.

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AI Powered Content

Our AI-Tools provide a range of solutions to help you create optimized content for SEO and social media, so you don't have to worry about what words to use. It can even generate an image to accompany the content.

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Social Share is the perfect tool to create a personalized link page that grabs attention and leads website/blog viewers to you. With over thousands of users already taking advantage of this user friendly tool, why not join them today?

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How easy is creating a page?

Create and publish a bio link page within seconds, use one of our many domains to create whatever fits you.

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Setup the Content Blocks

Create links or embed social media. Highlight a new instagram post or share a TikTok post.

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Share your link in your bio on instagram or TikTok or anywhere else. The perfect landing page about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Share?

We are a platform that allows you to design and make custom pages. Add your links or socials all in one place. This allows people to discovery you. Use your link in your Social Bios to help people understand you.

How is Social Share different than other bio tools?

While we aren't the first to come up with link in bio tool. We have created some pretty cool features. We specialize in easy to use, and have over 50 different content block templates. We also allow different domains and a QR code creation tool.

Do I need to make a payment?

No payment is required, make a page for free.

What will I get from a paid plan?

The biggest difference is you can sell digital products. Have some of our most complex Content Blocks, like corner menus, image galleries. Plus more AI words to use each moonth.

Do you have anaylytics?

We have the best anaylytic suit, it will show you every click and where that user came from. With our business plan you can dive even deeper.

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